At our Father’s house

You probably all know the Cinderella fairytale.
A simple girl who is humiliated by her sisters. But in the end she is miraculously asked by a prince. It is of course just a fairy tale, it didn’t really happen. An ordinary girl, who is admitted to a royal family. That used to be unimaginable. Fortunately, nowadays it is different. Times have changed.

But can we imagine being “a child of God”? As a child at home with the Father!
▪︎ Accepted because of the love of God,
▪︎ now being His child,
▪︎ now feeling at home with the Father.
Indeed that must be love.

  • You and me, just ordinary people, are welcome, not just at an earthly royal palace, but at the palace of the King of kings, and the Creator of Heaven and earth!
  • We are welcome, not just for a visit, but to stay in His glory for all eternity!
  • We are welcome, not just as a guest, but as His own children!

Once we were sinners on our way to hell, but now God has adopted us as His own children, to live with Him. Indeed, to live with Him. In my Father’s house with the many mansions, where room is being prepared for you and me.

Don’t miss out on this blessing!

“What if it would be your child,” we say about someone who has gone astray.
If, as parents, you hear something like this from someone else, you must remind yourself that you could go through the same shame.

But whatever, it remains their child, or your child!

Well, others need not say that about us to the Lord.
We know ourselves, we know how astray we have gone.
When we look at ourselves, we have to confess that we often put God in a position where He could feel very ashamed to have children like us.

So many sins, so many flaws.
And yet the Lord is not ashamed to call us His child,
As long as we return to Him, and confess our sins He will not reject us.
Isn’t that wonderful?
What an enormous love the Lord is showing us!


Twitter: @SchoemakerHarry
Twitter: Twitter: @SchoemakerHarry

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