Q & A – Heaven

How should I imagine heaven?

You must watch for all kinds of representations of heaven that are not supported by the Bible, but that have sprung from human fantasies.
Many people only know these fantasies, and rightly reject them.

But the Bible does give us some clues.
We read in it about a new heaven and a new earth (see, for example, Revelations 21 and 22) and we can safely assume that it will be an existence where all the gifts and qualities with which we have been created come to their full harmonious development.
God has created man well, and although the devil has tried a great deal to destroy everything, God does not let Himself be thwarted in his plans for mankind.
The final victory is up to Him.
And man will reach the destiny that God has planned for him.

Therefore, if you have not repented, I would like to call you again
• repent and be saved by Jesus Christ.
• accept the Gospel,
• surrender to the Lord,
then you too will reach your eternal heavenly destination

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