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After a long time you at last returned, and for a few days you were writing in our Facebook group, and now suddenly you left …
We are missing your daily messages. Why did you stop?


First of all I didn’t stop writing!
But it may very well be that you don’t see my messages anymore.

There can be multiple reasons for this.

▪︎ When I write the full text of the devotionals and Bible studies on Facebook, Facebook will definitely delete them, and when you saw them, you belong to the happy few who did.

▪︎ I was over a year blocked from all groups and pages on Facebook, because of the messages. So you could only read them on my own profile page. To prevent that too, Facebook did not allow me anymore to have friends on my profile. (This is till today still not allowed)

Now I can join groups again, but still Facebook is deleting the messages.

But … when I don’t write the message on Facebook, but instead of that only put a link to the message on my own website, Facebook did not remove the links, so this was the solution for my own page and profile (I did not restart the group again as Facebook kept deleting it).
So putting the links enabled me to get the messages to you, and in mean time keep the groups safe from actions from Facebook.

However… There are admins who decided for their group that they will not allow messages with links to websites anymore, so they started to delete my messages, so again you will not see them anymore, and since there is no use in posting daily, to have it deleted before they are published, I left those groups again. (For this reason I left this morning a group with 1.2 million members)

▪︎ There are also groups that rather have a contents of “say amen” or “post this in x groups and you will receive a blessing”, and “Tomorrow you will receive lots of money if you say this prayer 10 times”. (And some that only want to see pictures).
The admins of those groups will continually delete messages with other contents, especially if those messages are warning against these kind of messages. So when I find, that the uploads are not published but deleted, I leave those groups as well, as they show by their actions that I’m not welcome. (For this reason I left yesterday a group with over 800.000 members.)

I feel sorry for the people that are not able to read the messages anymore, but they can only look at Facebook, who does allow all kinds of dirty messages, and refuses Bible messages and to the admins who put the rules, which they made themselves, above the messages from God’s word.

I hope this answers your question.
The daily devotionals and/or studies are still published every day on my website. But there’s a lot of resistance to get them to you on Facebook.

Twitter: @SchoemakerHarry
Website 1: https://devotionals.harryschoemaker.nl
Website 2: http://bijbelplaatjes.nl

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