May 19, 2024

1 thought on “True Repentance

  1. Amen and Amen!!
    Sadly this holds true for so many so called Christians as we see them on Sunday with ha ds in the air and worshipping but then on monday they are back into their worldly mode. They talk with profanity, they take things home from their work that do t belong to them, the shows they watch on television are sickening and so is the music they listen to. But then here comes Friday night outing the clubs drinking it up and repeat saturday as well, then Sunday morning they are back at church playing Christian all over again.
    When confronted they defend their actions by saying they are saved or that’s why Jesus died for me type answers. What they don’t see is themselves as lukewarm. I used to be this way after I decided to turn from my evil ways and turn to the lord Jesus. I didn’t see it as wrong but my past caught up with me and since I was on probation they revoked probation and I ended up serving the rest of the time in jail, maybe that was the blessing for me, maybe that was my warning I don’t know, all I know for sure is it did more good for my faith than harm. When my family came to see me in jail all I asked for was my bible and a few Christian books I recently bought. I wasn’t in very long but I was in long enough to read the entire new testament and I still remember how much that truth hurt and had nobody to blame but me. I came out of there with a much stronger faith but that was short lived as when I returned to church it was pretty clear that those who I was hanging around with I could tell they wanted nothing to do with me, at first they acted glad to see me again but slowly and surely began to shy away from me. I kept going to church anyway because it was Jesus I was trying to please not them, but that church being over 40 miles away and working a lot of weekends I began to miss church until I wasn’t going at all.
    This story goes on for another 20years or so before I started to really miss those days and the church, almost of all my relationship with Jesus.
    I have found a new church a few years back and they didn’t judge my past all but helped me build up on my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and now I know about true repentance and treat every day like Sunday, what don’t do in church, I don’t do at all. Given the opportunity I will share my experience with Jesus to anyone and everyone, and when I do slip up even the slightest I’m deep into prayer asking forgiveness and doing everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
    I’m not perfect by any means and I don’t claim to be, I am a sinner just like everyone else but I try my hardest not to sin and to help prevent those around me from sinning and I remember that word “repentance” and do my best to keep that word. After all, what Jesus did for me and all of us is more than anyone could do to save us from certain destruction and if he can do that for us, then We should at least show our appreciation by following his rules.

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