The folly of pride

Facebook gives today extra attention to pride, and with it ofcourse to homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenders, etc. Where Facebook (and other social media like Twitter, YouTube, etc.) goes to long lengths to delete groups, pages, and messages that are calling people to repentance, they facilitate, sponsor, support, and give extra attention to everything that goes against… Continue reading The folly of pride

The human heart (5 of 9)

PICTURE FOUR – THE REJECTING HEART Can anything be more awful and frightening than the state of a person who rejects the light of God’s Word and chooses the darkness of sin instead? It is tragic to be one of those who do not know the Gospel, as shown in the picture of the natural… Continue reading The human heart (5 of 9)

Judge not ?

The last week I have seen at least 20 times people writing:— Judge not, for you will be judged — Judge not, for we are not to judge — Judge not, for we must leave that to God.— Judge not, for….. etc. etc. It sounded every time very Biblical, but was it?Does the Bible really tell us… Continue reading Judge not ?

Homosexuality and Lesbianism

I was asked to clarify what the Bible says about this matter. Well in my opinion the Bible is so clear about this that I don’t really have to add anything to it. Leviticus 20:13If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have… Continue reading Homosexuality and Lesbianism

Following your own will

Following your own will instead of following God’s will can bring you in miserable circumstances. This is not what God wants for you, but what you choose by rejecting Him and following your own ideas. For a while it may look as if this is a nice way to go, but in the end it… Continue reading Following your own will