Sleepless hours

Psalms 119:55 AV
I have remembered thy name,
O LORD, in the night,
and have kept thy law.‭


We can of course divide our lives in many ways, but one of them is that we can speak of a day life and a night life.

▪︎ During the day, we fulfill the calling of our lives, wherever it may be.
▪︎ At night we rest, if the Lord will give us a refreshing sleep.

That is not a small part of our life, because it takes up at least a third of it. It can sometimes happen that we actually find it a pity that so much of our life passes unconsciously, because in sleep we feel nothing and we also know nothing. Sure, we can’t miss it, but still …

There is, however, a connection between our day and night life.

Just think of the times when you lie awake at night because you couldn’t put the worries of the day aside.

That’s right,
▪︎ when on that day we were preoccupied with the things of God’s kingdom in our minds.
▪︎ When an irrepressible urge breaks through our hearts to live by God’s commandments during the day and prayer arises to that end.

Happy the person who is allowed to experience such sleepless hours.

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