The King is coming

Mark 13:36
Lest coming suddenly He find you sleeping.‭


Lest He come unexpectedly and find you sleeping (Mark 13:36).

The coming of the Lord Jesus into the stable will be crowned and completed when He will come again with the clouds of heaven.

When that moving, awful moment, which is full of majesty, and which is full of dreadful glory, will dawn, no one knows.
The Lord has said that not even the Son knows, but only the Father.

We should be watching and praying.
This is the warning that the Lord has given us.

In the parable he calls us doorkeepers. And these are to watch until the Lord of the house comes. What a pity when the guards will be found sleeping.

That is so unworthy of the Lord.
When He is not looked for and waited for.

● It is sleep that begets sin and the lusts of the flesh.
Such a sleep makes no hope, the heart does not desire the presence of the Lord.

● It is the love that yearns and eagerly awaits the King.
But when love has gone, there is no desire in the heart, no looking forward to His fellowship. then we are dormant.

Now is the time, that in all things the call is heard:

The King is coming, go out to meet Him !

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