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Mark 13:37 AV
And what I say unto you
I say unto all,


There is a power of sin in the world around us. Also in the small world of our own heart, which puts us in constant danger. The own heart is so deceitful, who will know it?

Only he who knows his enemy has been able to measure his strength, only he can withstand the fight.

There is one danger, above all others, that threatens us, and that does not leave the best of us unharmed. I mean the danger of carelessness.

Carelessness threatens you with the fall, so keep on the watch, watch everywhere, that’s how we often sang it. But did it remove our carelessness?

▪︎ When we love God, we in principle wish to walk the way of His commandments.
▪︎ When we love God, we will not commit sin with premeditation.
• But it is this false assurance in ourselves that makes us forget to be watchful,
• and it is this false assurance in ourselves that makes us stray from the right path.

Initially the deviation can be very small, so small that we will ask in exasperation: is that so bad, is there anything in it?
And yet… whoever does not guard against the small deviation is in danger of great deviations in the end.
Even the most advanced Christian should not ignore this part of the Christian life.

Only those who think little of themselves will feel how this force must hold us at all times. Happy is the man who fears continually.

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