Watch and pray

Mark 13:33
Take ye heed, watch and pray:
for ye know not when the time is.‭


On this day the word of the Christ is underlined again:
We don’t know when it is time.

No one knows the day of Jesus’ return, any more than the day of death.
When a disaster strikes, many can unexpectedly be called out of life. None of them expected their time to come at that very moment.

That also applies now.
Nobody knows when he or she will take his or her last breath.

The assignment is therefore all the more urgent:
▪︎ Watch, and pray.
▪︎ Be prepared,
▪︎ Make sure the Lord is not a stranger to you when He calls you.
▪︎ Pray for the faith that He wants to give you.

Has the Christ already become your Savior?
Then we look forward to His future.
It offers a view over death and the grave.
After all, He is the Prince of Life, who commands wind and sea.

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