God loves you!

God loves people!
Big and small, white and colored, rich and poor people.
He loves neatly living people and those who live on the margins of society.
He likes healthy and disabled people.
Whether you are one of the people who made it in life or not …

What matters is whether you are truly happy.
Happiness doesn’t depend on your living conditions.
Happiness is mainly determined by a life in harmony with the loving God.
That God wants to make you happy too!

He wants to give you a new life.
A life in which peace, love and justice are the main ingredients.

That God was serious, He showed by sending his son into the world.
It cleared the way to God that had been blocked by the sins of man.
He did this by voluntarily dying on the cross.

In doing so he made a perfect sacrifice for the sins of all people.
Also for your sins.

If that isn’t love!
Yes, yes, I’ve heard that so many times! You say now.

You want proof?
By rising again from the dead, Jesus really proved to be God’s son, the Bible says.
Direct evidence was given by hundreds of people who followed him, and have seen Him alive again after His death.

A former English judge, Lord Darling, has said that no intelligent jury could escape the verdict that the story of the resurrection is true.

But the most tangible evidence is that millions of people believe in him today.
Their lives have changed as they followed Jesus Christ.
That is the most compelling evidence that He lives and still loves the people of today.
Undoubtedly, there are also people in your area who really believe in Him.

Do you long for real life?
In the bible it says (in 1 John 4:9) “In this God has clearly shown us His love, that He sent his only Son into the world to give us life.”

So, for that life you have to be with Jesus.
He gives it if you ask for it.
Many young and old people, also in your area, would like to tell you about it.
Just ask them!

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