The animals

● The church

You know, one day I saw that many churches are not that much treated like the body of Christ anymore, but they look more like farmhouses, where the church members are like the animals in and around that house.

Just imagine a farmer who has different animals.
▪︎ He has milk cows in the stable or on the field,
▪︎ he has cats in and around the house to keep the mice away,
▪︎ and for his pleasure he was keeping a parrot, a chameleon, and a dog.

Somehow I recognized these animals in the people, and their faith, in those who are visiting the churches, and call themselves Christians.
Let us look at them one by one.

● The Milk cow

In some churches the Christians are in fact no more than milk cows, who make the farmer (pastor) day after day a bit richer.

The pastor is willing to take some care of them as long as they bring in a weekly revenue.

But like a cow on the farm, if it doesn’t give milk, or not enough milk anymore it can go. Generally to be butchered, so the farmer gets still some money for the last time.

In the same way you see pastors hammering on people to give their tithes, and if they don’t they can go.

In fact these Christians are no more than milk cows to the pastor.

● The Housecat

The housecat is a domesticated animal that in fact more connects to the house than to the humans who take care of him.
It doesn’t really matter to them who hands the food, or what kind of food you give them, as long as they get food. They will eat the leftovers from the fish you offer them, but also the cat food you bought in the supermarket.

In the same way there are people who in fact are more connected to their local church, or to their denomination than to the Christ.

And it doesn’t really matter to them, who is in the pulpit, or what is preached from that pulpit, as long as they can say they went to church it is okay with them.

▪︎ I’m going to this church because my parents and my grandparents did too.
▪︎ Or I’m going to this denomination because my parents and my grandparents did too.
Just like cats are connected to a certain house, they are connected to a certain building, or denomination, no matter if the owner moved.

And the sermon? The changes in the messages that are preached? It doesn’t really matter to them, for they will have forgotten what was preached before they leave the building anyway.

They are satisfied as long as they feel good. And they do not think about what will come after this short life on Earth, or, they believe that it will be okay, because they went to church.

● The Parrot

A parrot usually is a pretty noisy bird. When there is sound in the house, they want to be louder than all the rest. But you will only hear them scream, or imitate what they heard before. You will not hear what really is in the bird.

When you hear some Christians, it is exactly the same. During the prayer or praise meetings, they are louder than all others. If possible they will let their voice dominate the whole service.

But when you listen to them, it is like you hear the pastor or one of the leading elders. They are just imitating others, and you will hear nothing new from them. Still they want, like the parrot, to be in the center of attention.

But no matter how much you hear of them, you will not learn from them what they really believe, or think.

● The Chameleon

Others are more like a chameleon. When they are in the church meetings they almost look like super holy.

But when you see them on the sports field, or afterwards in the canteen you won’t recognize them anymore.
Nothing that gives you the slightest idea that he may be a Christian.

And on his job he is a tough businessman, nothing Christian-like about him.

And when you hear him in the car, he sounds more like a hooligan, who is angry on everyone who doesn’t follow his ideas of how you should behave on the road, or drive a car. Nobody would ever get a clue that he might be a Christian.

But next Sunday he will blend in with all other Christians again. Some may even want to promote him to become their song leader, or worship leader.

It is important to let the Spirit have control, for He knows what is in the hearts of people.

● The Dog

And then there are those who show themselves like well trained dogs.
▪︎ When their master says stay, they will stay.
▪︎ When their master says come, they will come.
▪︎ And when their master says wait, they will wait.

The dog loves his master, like the master loves his dog.
To show his love to the master, he is obedient to him.

Good there are also Christians in the churches who behave like this. They love their Lord, and no matter what others may say, they are obedient only to Him.

Now the question.
On what animal does your character or faith look like most?


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