Let your friends join our group!

Again it became clear that if people want to keep seeing my messages, they must not think “I see them here” (in an other group), for admins do block me for various reasons, and when they do their members won’t see the messages anymore.

Today I was blocked from a group with 278.000 members, of which hundreds reacted to my messages, and most of them appreciated the messages.
I was writing there from the beginning of May (just after I started to write my messages after the heart attacks).

– writing hundreds of messages in a group,
– getting hundreds of reactions from the members,
– being a loyal member who shares daily…,
it all means nothing!

From the moment a certain admin doesn’t like you, or doesn’t like what you write, you will be locked out, and from that same moment hundreds, in this case over 278.000 people, will not get the messages anymore.

Reason? I mentioned our group “The Worldwide Ekklesia” in the bottom line of my messages, and it was not allowed to give attention to any ministry, but only their own group.

Add this number to those who left because of the recent messages, and you see that now over a million (!) people will not see my messages anymore.

If your friends really want to see my messages, they have to join our group as well, or follow me at Twitter. Otherwise the contact may suddenly be broken.

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