The Bible (1)


I like to do a small series on the Bible (the book). I will try to publish it every afternoon (GMT +1)
Today the first part.


The word “bible” comes from Latin. It comes from the word “biblia,” which simply means “books.” The Bible is actually a collection of 66 books, written by around 40 different writers, over a period of around 1000 years. It contains history books, stories, songs, and letters.

At first glance, the Bible seems to be only about Israel. But in fact you can read how God has dealt with the world through the ages. Little by little He makes clear what His plan is for the people.

Even the books that deal with the history of Israel only show what is important in God’s plan.

The essence of that plan is: to save the people from the evil that came into the world at the very beginning of time.

The purpose of His plan is: God wants to deal with people who are no longer “infected” by evil. In Genesis chapter 3 you can read how the people were “infected”. All other 65 Bible books have to do with God’s solution to that problem.

Over time, He has shown more and more of his purpose for the world and how He wants to achieve it.

To be continued.

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