Different Bibles?

In fact all Bibles are the same except the translation used in the Roman Catholic church which contains some extra deutero-canonical books and the “World Translation of the Holy Scriptures” which is a very poor translation in use by the Jehovah Witnesses.

Further there are 2 things that may give a slight difference between translations

1. Some words are not included in all manuscripts so some translators choose to be as complete as possible, others kept to the manuscript they were translating, while others again put that which occurred in the majority of the manuscripts.

2. The Bible verses were not in the original texts but were later added to make it easier to find a certain passage within the text.
That is also why the text numbers are not in every translation the same. 
Meaning that sometimes the text can be found in the previous verse or in the next verse. 
Sometimes you may also see that one verse in one translation is split in 2 verses in an other translation.

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