Humbling Our Hearts 5/6

John 10:10
The thief cometh not,
but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:
I am come that they might have life,
and that they might have ‭it‭ more abundantly.‭


Obedience to God, strength for service, love for others are fruits of prayer.

On the World Day of Prayer, Christians around the world are united in the bond of prayer. This bond is strong. It is based on faith and hope and love, which together can overcome all evil through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

He came that we might have life and that His joy might be in us.
▪︎ He calls us from our defeats and cares.
▪︎ He calls us from our successes and boastings.
▪︎ He calls us to accept His yoke and walk with Him.

In so doing, we find our burdens light, as promised.
In Him we find needed strength.
▪︎ He calls us to become aware of the needs of others, whom He would have us serve.
▪︎ He calls us to find the joy which comes from helping others.

By seeking fellowship with God, we find where we can best serve, where we are most needed. In so living, we find our own needs supplied in the abundant life we inherit as joint heirs with Christ in God.

Prayer suggestions

▪︎ Thank the Father, for all the beauty and wonder of His world.
▪︎ Thank the Father, for His Son, Jesus Christ, Who came to show us the way to walk in this life on earth.
▪︎ Ask the Father, for forgiveness for all the times that you have wandered from His pathway.
▪︎ Ask the Father, to help you to be a good workers for Him.
▪︎ Ask the Father, to give you a clear vision and understanding heart, to sense the
needs of others.
▪︎ Ask the Father, to give you wisdom as you try to meet these needs.

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