Q & A – Why follow Jesus?


Why should I follow Jesus as you say?
I just follow my instincts and that makes me feel really good!


Well let me tell you that your instincts will easily mislead you.

▪︎ Your instincts will not save you, only the blood of Jesus Christ does.
▪︎ Instincts will tell some it is okay to pray to Mary, while God in His Holy Word forbids us to do so.
▪︎ Instincts will tell some to go to church on ash Wednesday to get an ash cross painted on their forehead to receive atonement for their sins. While the Bible clearly teaches us that only Jesus’s death at Calvary’s cross brings us atonement.
▪︎ Your instincts will lead you on the broad way with all kinds of worldly pleasures and in the end lead you straight to hell.

But when you follow Jesus, He will lead you on the narrow way which leads you to His Kingdom.

You are of great value to Him.
He gave His life for you.
He payed the price for your sins, so you can enter into His Kingdom.

That is why you should follow Jesus and not your own feelings or instinct.

I tell you this again because Jesus doesn’t want to you to be lost.
He loves you and wants you with Him in His Kingdom.

▪︎ Sadly enough there are people who will not listen to His calls and warnings.
▪︎ Sadly enough there are people who, regardless of the consequences, stubbornly continue on their own way.

Don’t be one of them!!

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