Is it a sin?

Do people really want me to waste my time on questions like this?

People who claim to be born again, still keep asking me questions like the following:

From today I will ignore questions like these. Just read your Bible the answers are in there, and most are also answered on my site.

I’m talking about questions like these:

Is fornication a sin?
Is adultery a sin?
Is divorce a sin?
Is masturbation a sin?
Is homosexuality a sin?
Is taking a piecing a sin?
Is taking a tattoo a sin?
Is wickedness a sin?
Is making charm a sin?
Is going to church late a sin?
Is boyfriend and girlfriend relationship a sin?
Is going to night parties a sin?
Is going to a casino a sin?
Is gambling a sin?
Is having a sugar daddy a sin?
Is having a sugar mummy a sin?
Is having an affair while being married a sin?
Is having an affair with a married man or woman a sin?
Is living together with someone to whom I’m not (yet) married a sin?
Is having oral sex with my husband / wife a sin?
Is telling lies a sin?
Is using attachments on my body a sin?
Is wearing ornaments, ear rings, necklace, gold, or silvers on my body a sin?
Is using makeup a sin?
Is wearing trousers a sin for a woman?
Is wearing clothes that expose the shape of my body a sin?
Is using high heel shoes a sin?
Is using false documents to get a job a sin?
Is sleeping with my boss a sin?
Is using and selling condoms a sin?
Is drinking and selling alcoholic a sin?
Is watching porn video a sin?
Is listening and dancing to worldly music a sin?
Is cultural dancing a sin?
Is wearing Clothes that expose the armpit, lap, chest, back is a sin?
Is playing gambling on the phone a sin?
Is celebration of Valentine day a sin?
Is carnival a sin?
Is April fool a sin?
Is remembering late Mother or father and celebrating them etc. a sin?
Is bleaching my skin a sin?
Is darkening my skin a sin?
Is bowing down before images a sin?
Is bowing down before a statue of Mary or Jesus a sin?
Is honoring and asking Mary to pray for you a sin?
Is holding fast to religious doctrines in stead of obeying the Lord’s commandments a sin?
Is loving my minister more than Jesus a sin?
Is coming forward in my church and give a false testimony to promote my pastor, my church, or myself a sin?
Is this a sin, is that a sin, etc. etc.

You want a simple answer?
If you doubt if what you do is a sin, it will be a sin to you when you do it.

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