Jesus is the Christ (4 of 5)

Mark 8:29 (AV)
And he saith unto them, ‭
But whom say ye that I am?‭
And Peter answereth
and saith unto him,
Thou art the Christ.

You are the Christ.
This testimony is much more than just four words.
Many answers have been given in recent years to the question of who the Son of God is.
▪︎ Some answered that He is a Revolutionary,
▪︎ Others, on the other hand, said that He takes a side only for the poor.
▪︎ Still others answered that He is a World Improver.

All these answers are wrong, completely wrong.
▪︎ Yes, He brings change, but not revolution
▪︎ Yes, He chooses, but not only for the poor, but for everyone who follows Him completely.
▪︎ No, He not only brings improvements, but a complete renewal.

There is only one correct answer.
That’s the answer Peter gave:
“You are the Christ!”

With this answer Peter confessed that the Lord Jesus was the anointed one of God.
Anointed to be the High Priest, Prophet, and King over all that is given to Him by the Father.

You are the Christ!
Did you already come to this confession?
And not so much with your mouth, but especially with your heart?

If this confession is your sincere confession, then you have first learned that you did not know Who the Christ really is.

Before we could find out, we too searched for an unknown Savior. This continued until it pleased the Lord to reveal to us the Christ in all His glorious offices.

You are the Christ!
If you know this confession with your mind, but not yet with your heart, then do not give yourself rest until you have learned this confession from God, and He is also for you the Anointed One who has accomplished everything for you.

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