Jesus is the Christ (5 of 5)

Mark 8:29 (AV)
And he saith unto them, ‭
But whom say ye that I am?‭
And Peter answereth
and saith unto him,
Thou art the Christ.

You are the Christ

In our text we read Peter’s creed.
He confesses with heart and mouth that Jesus is the Anointed One, the Son of the living God (Matthew 16:16).
Jesus then tells him that this confession was not revealed to him by flesh and blood, but by the Father who is in heaven (Matthew 16:17).

So it is a creed that is entirely inspired by the Father.
This also clearly expresses the one-sided work of God. No man naturally makes such a glorious confession. For this he must be won by, and agree with, the Lord.

Only a born again man can make this confession of faith from his heart.
That is why we ask each other the question: “Are you born again? For only in the new birth, is the Christ really revealed to us as the living Lord and Savior.
Again: Just as a baby cannot do anything about being born, you can do nothing about being born again. It is an act of God. But know well that the Lord can and will effect this act in your heart.

Because you know the Lord wants it, you can ask for it. Do that, and you will see what the Lord is going to do in your heart and in your life. Yes, that is even beyond praying and thinking.

It is a miracle of grace when through the Holy Spirit, like Peter, we may confess from our hearts, “You are the Christ!

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