Jesus is the Christ (2 of 5)

Mark 8:29 (AV)
And he saith unto them, ‭
But whom say ye that I am?‭
And Peter answereth
and saith unto him,
Thou art the Christ.

What a glorious confession Peter makes here: You are the Christ! Never before has it been so plainly spoken that the Lord Jesus is:
▪︎ the One, promised to the fathers.
▪︎ the One, Who has already been proclaimed in Paradise,
▪︎ the One, Who has been foretold by the prophets,
▪︎ and the One, Who has been announced by John the Baptist.

This confession immediately precedes the first announcement of His suffering.
For the Christ must go the way of suffering.
▪︎ He is wounded for our transgressions
▪︎ crushed for our iniquities.
▪︎ And by His stripes there is healing for us.

The action of the Lord Jesus has stirred many people.
And people give Him different names. One sees in Him John the Baptist, the other Elijah, and still others put Him with the prophets.

But then He asks that question to the disciples:
But who do you say that I am?
And then follows that glorious confession of Peter: You are the Christ!

Has that also become your confession?
“You are my Lord and my Savior!”

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