The Syrophoenician Woman (3 of 3)

Mark 7:28
And she answered and said unto him,
Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table
eat of the children’s crumbs.‭

How do you go to God’s house these days?
▪︎ As people who already have everything
▪︎ or as people who miss everything and therefore have to receive everything?

You may find this a very strange question.
Still, it’s really not such a strange question.

Our time is characterized by an arrived Christianity.
That is a Christianity that owns everything, can everything, and wants everything.
I fear, however, that this Christianity is deceiving itself.
And that it does this not only do that for time, but also for eternity.

God doesn’t have an arrived people, who know it all so well, but He has a poor and miserable people hoping in the Name of His goodness.
After all, such a people knows that the Savior had to give His life for every bit of grace it receives.
Like the Syrophoenician woman, they know themselves as a dog.
A dog was a despicable beast in ancient Israel.

But such a people now has the Lord:
The people are despicable in themselves.
But such a people receive generously and abundantly.

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