Have you reached out to Him?

Mark 6:5 (AV)
And he could there do
no mighty work,
save that he laid his hands
upon a few sick folk,
and healed ‭them‭.‭

In Nazareth, where the Lord Jesus grew up, He could do no mighty work. .

That is something that should affect us deeply.
After so much power over the devil and over sickness and death, now impotence.

It is also explained to us what caused this: the unbelief of the inhabitants of Nazareth. They don’t want to acknowledge the Lord Jesus as the Father’s Sent, not even as a prophet sent from God.

The Savior must have felt that deep in His heart.
He therefore says: “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.” (Mark 6:4)

To them it could not be that that Jesus, who grew up and lived among them, was the Messiah, of whom the Scriptures spoke, that He would come.

And the Lord Jesus marvels at their unbelief. We have read several times that people have marveled at the Savior’s actions. But now it is the Lord who marvels.

Does He also marvel at your unbelief?
Or are you one of the few who have reached out to Him, and have been taken by Him?

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