False prophets

Micah 3:5 KJV
Thus saith the Lord concerning the prophets
that make my people err,
that bite with their teeth,
and cry, Peace;
and he that putteth not into their mouths,
they even prepare war against him.

The Lord says this: ‘It will be bad for the prophets who tell false messages. They lead my people the wrong way with false promises. If people give food to them, then they are happy. So they promise that there will be no war. But, if people do not feed them, they become angry. They promise that war will come.

Make My people err
Who knowingly mislead My
people, by not denouncing their sins, and not warning them for the judgment on them, that will follow as a result of their behavior and actions.

Bite with . . . teeth, and cry, Peace
This means that they, as long as they are supplied with food, promise peace and prosperity in their prophecies.

He that putteth not into their mouths, they . . . prepare war False prophets him
This means that they, as long as they are not supplied with food, they foretell war and calamity.

Prepare war
Literally it says, “sanctify war,”
This means that they proclaimed it as a holy judgment of God on them, because they did not feed the false prophets (Isaiah 13:3, Joel 1:14).

 Here Micah attacks the false prophets, as he had attacked the “princes” before. Not only the rulers of the people, but also the prophets are addressed by Micah.
Instead of leading the people to the Lord, they tempt it.

Why? Because they are bread prophets.
If they were true to their calling, they should prophesy, like Micah, against the heads of the people and against the wealthy. But they don’t.

Why not? Because these people spawn them with all kinds of gifts and other forms of income.

Prophesy for wages …!
A life-threatening temptation for all who are (also today) in God’s service.
▪︎ For the sake of a pat on the back, they speak of peace and prosperity to the people.
▪︎ They do not say clearly what it is about, because they are afraid of getting certain people against them.

Today we still see the same.
▪︎ Some pastors will exactly tell you what you like to hear, because of their personal financial profits.
▪︎ Some pastors will exactly tell you what you like to hear, because it gives them a better relationship with the others in church.
▪︎ Some pastors will conceal the clear word of the Lord, because they like to be taken seriously by the non-Christians.

How differently our supreme Prophet and Teacher acted.
His mouth produced nothing but mere wisdom.

One prayer remains: O God, fill us with the Spirit of truth!

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