But… In the last days

Micah 4:1 KJV
But in the last days it shall come to pass,
that the mountain of the house of the Lord
shall be established in the top of the mountains,
and it shall be exalted above the hills;
and people shall flow unto it.

In the last days, the mountain where the Lord ‘s house is will be the highest mountain. It will be the most important of all the mountains. It will be higher than the hills, and people from many countries will go to it.

Micah 4:1-3 is almost identical with Isaiah 2:2-4.

The mountain of the house of the Lord
Which just before (Micah 3:12) had been doomed to be a wild forest height.
When the Messiah walked on earth, the situation of its elevation was not like that, but it was so of the moral dignity, as the seat of God’s universal empire.

People shall flow into it
In Isaiah it is “all nations”, a more universal prophecy.

Sofar Micah only spoke of the calamity that would come over Zion, now we hear him pronounce a beneficial message for the same Zion. Disaster never has the last word in prophecy.

But … in the last days

We saw how God’s judgment on both Samaria and Jerusalem has been announced in the foregoing. However, this chapter begins with a glorious contrast: “But in the last days …”! That is the ‘but‘ of God’s faithfulness and grace. Micah may now beautifully testify of Jerusalem’s recovery.

He sees how in the last days the mountain on which Jerusalem is built will be exalted and how Zion will become the center of the nations, from where God’s light and salvation will radiate to the nations.

All this especially refers to the days that would come with the coming of the Christ.
Through Him, God’s Zion will again become a city on the mountain and a light on the candlestick, to which the nations will turn. You see: the real secret of God’s congregation under both the old and the new covenant is: the Christ ..!

It is thanks to Him that God builds His people, His church, and that His church emanates light and life.

Now we have to give an honest answer to a few questions.
▪︎ Does the Christ also live in our hearts?
▪︎ Has God’s Spirit also bound our lives to Him?

Only when this is the case can, and will our lives be a blessing to others ..!

Salvation for Zion will come in the last days. This was given to them and us as a promise for the future. By the intervention of the Lord himself.

Undoubtedly, Micah does not want to undo his prophecy of disaster. Salvation comes but through judgment. The new life comes through death, as it can only after, and thanks to the cross, the feast of the resurrection, the feast of the victory over death, by our Lord and Savior, can be celebrated.

As with Jesus’ second coming, He will first judge the living and the dead, and then, for those who are not cast into outer darkness, and for whom it will be forever too late, the new heaven and the new earth will come.

Now Micha’s hearers can think: that is only for the future, and therefore still uncertain. But Micah certainly says, “It WILL be done,” as if to say, there will come a time when all this will be true. We do wisely to take this into account. God’s day is sure to come.

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