Melting mountains

Micah 1:4 KJV
And the mountains shall be molten under him,
and the valleys shall be cleft,
as wax before the fire,
and as the waters
that are poured down a steep (Hebr.: a descent) place.

In other words:

The mountains will melt like wax melts near a fire when He comes (Psalms 97:5; compare Isaiah 64:1-3), they will move like water when it rushes down a hill. The valleys will also break into pieces.

Don’t these terrors, which attend Yahweh’s coming in judgment (compare Judges 5:5 ), make us think of earthquakes and volcanic activity?
But it also describes that neither men of high degree, as the mountains, nor men of low degree, as the valleys, can secure themselves, or their land, from the judgments of God.

Waters poured down a steep hill, cannot come to a standstill, cannot secure itself but are diffused abroad.

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