Eternal blessing


Joel 3:20 KJV
But Judah shall dwell for ever,
and Jerusalem from generation to generation.

What does the prophet want to say in these words?
Or rather: With what message does the Lord come to us in this verse?

  • That Judah will remain in eternity and Jerusalem from generation to generation.
  • That the people, that God Himself had created, will not be overrun by the powers of this world, but that it will remain always.

In later days Paul was wondering about this, and in this age it is said to us again: The grace and calling of God are unrepentant.

  • That applies to Israel, though we don’t know in what way God will accomplish His purpose for this people;
  • That also applies to the Church, which He has brought to life by His Holy Spirit and who may know of forgiveness of sin through the blood of Christ.

Praised be God with the deepest awe!

Judah will stay forever …
The end of Joel’s prophecy shows us the new earth.
▪︎ Pictures of mountains with sweet wine, hills with milk and streams of water.
▪︎ A fountain will go out from the house of the Lord to moisten the valley of Sittim – the valley of aridity.

Dwell for ever
That they will dwell for ever means that they will be established as a flourishing state.

Amos 9:15
“I will also plant them on their land,
And they will not again be rooted out from their land
Which I have given them,” Says the Lord your God.

While the Gentile nations will be devastated.
God’s people receive eternal blessing.

Judah will remain forever and Jerusalem from generation to generation
If we view the current world politics next to it, this seems to be just a nice vision. But it is not about what we make of it, but what God makes it. He promises: Judah will stay in eternity, and Jerusalem from generation to generation.
Here are promises for the people of God’s covenant. Also for today.

And at the same time we may say that from the nations, the people who belong to Him are included in this blessing.

One in faith in Christ.
Thus there is hope for Israel and for God’s Church in this world.

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