Expelling and wandering

Hosea 9:17 NASB
My God will cast them away
Because they have not listened to Him;
And they will be wanderers among the nations.

In other words:

My God will refuse to accept them. That is because they have not obeyed him. They will have to travel from place to place in different countries.

Can you imagine what a desert traveler experiences when he suddenly discovers grapes in the middle of that arid place?
Can you experience the joy a grower has when he discovers that his trees are bearing fruit?

Hosea does.
He understands the Lord, who loved and chose Israel.
But now He rejects them, after so much infidelity and wrongdoing.

Hosea proves to be a true prophet by not only speaking to the people on behalf of God, but also to God on behalf of the people. He resembles Moses and Jesus, a mediator.

LORD! not a complete rejection; punish them with the cursing infertility.

But now that God appears determined, Hosea supports Him.
In Hosea 17 we read the beginning of Israel’s wandering.

No rest.
And we?

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