False prophets

Micah 2:11 KJV
If a man walking in the spirit
and falsehood do lie, saying,
I will prophesy unto thee
of wine and of strong drink;
he shall even be the prophet of this people.

When a person speaks false messages to you, then you believe them. They might say that you would have plenty of wine and strong drink. That is the message that you would like!’

A man walking in the spirit
That is, a man showing himself to be a prophet.

In the spirit
The Hebrew word for spirit also means “wind.”
“If a man professing to have the ‘spirit’ of inspiration (Ezekiel 13:3; so ‘man of the spirit,’ that is, one claiming inspiration, Hosea 9:7), but really walking in ‘wind’ (prophecy void of nutriment for the soul, and unsubstantial as the wind) and falsehood, do lie, saying (that which ye like to hear),

I will prophesy
Even such a one, however false his prophecies, since he flatters your wishes, shall be your prophet (compare Micah 2:6, Jeremiah 5:31).

I will prophesy unto thee of wine and of strong drink
He shows what prophets the people delight in, that is, in flatterers, who tell them pleasant tales, and speak of their benefits (prosperity gospel).

Prophesy … of wine
That is, of an abundant supply of wine.

A prophet like Micah does not lie to the people.

They know who they prefer to have as their prophets.
Don’t think they aren’t pious, the people of Judah, don’t think they want to live without prophets.
▪︎ But they must be prophets in their image and likeness.
▪︎ But they must be prophets molded to their own needs.
▪︎ But they must be prophets who pay in wine and spirits.
▪︎ But they must be prophets they like to hear.

Cheerful bon vivants, who do not take life too hard. Moreover, says Micah, they handle wind.

They preach stormy sermons.
▪︎ About the works of the Lord,
▪︎ About the Spirit of the Lord whose power is not limited (Micah 2:6).

People love it.
▪︎ Pious sermons, which disregard their trade in fields and houses …
▪︎ Pious sermons that do not appeal to them …
▪︎ Pious sermons, where they can feel good …
▪︎ Pious sermons that do not constantly bother them with a call to conversion …
You can forget the worries of the week with such preachers, they say.

But in the end it is only wind. It blows away.
It is a false lie.

Are many of those who call themselves Christians today, not exactly like that?

Even today, many would rather hear the lie, that allows them to continue with their wicked things, than the truth that touches their hearts, makes them feel uncomfortable, and calls for repentance.

Micah cannot be silenced.

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