Hosea 2:6 NASB
Therefore, behold,
I will hedge up her way with thorns,
And I will build a wall against her
so that she cannot find her paths.

Therefore .., I will …

The judgments of God rank by one. I will… I will…
▪︎ I will take away (Hosea 2: 8),
▪︎ I will uncover her shame (Hosea 2: 9)
▪︎ I will stop (Hosea 2:10),
▪︎ I will snatch, I will destroy (Hosea 2:11)
▪︎ I will punish her (Hosea 2:13)

The Lord is going to strike!
Who does not cringe when that is about to happen?
We no longer have to ask: Why?

For adultery, for fornication. That is why!

Those who examine themselves will no longer want to throw stones at Israel.
It’s as if the Lord is talking about you and me …

Now be honest with yourself!
How often do you ogle
▪︎ to the god of money,
▪︎ to the god of love,
▪︎ to the god of honor,
▪︎ to the god of power
▪︎ to the god of prestige?
▪︎ How often is your religion hypocritical?

Also for you and me it sounds: “Therefore, I will …”

The murderer on the cross confessed:

Luke 23:41 NASB
And we indeed are suffering justly,
for we are receiving what we deserve for our deeds;
but this man has done nothing wrong.

What a blessing it is to repent and return, before God has to strike you.

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