High time to wake up

Joel 1: 6
For a nation has invaded my land,
Mighty and without number;
Its teeth are the teeth of a lion,
And it has the fangs of a lioness.

To the prophet, the locust plague, and a great drought, are signs of the coming day of the Lord.

His day, the day of the Lord, will come.
▪︎ That day will be a day of judgment.
▪︎ That day will be a day as unavoidable as a locust plague.
That day will come like a swarm of locusts, that comes over the land.

Because a nation has come up over my land, says the Lord.
So it is about His land, about His property.
And it sounds like a complaint.
The sins of His people hurt God in His heart.

And in the meantime people just keep sleeping.
But isn’t it high time to wake up?

How’s that for you?
The day of the Lord is imminent, the signs of His coming are becoming increasingly apparent.
▪︎ Are you still sleeping? Then it is high time to wake up now!
▪︎ Are you awake? Then it is high time to wake up others too!

Tell each other that the coming of the Lord Jesus is near!
Awake, you who are still sleeping, for the Christ will judge you!
Now you still have time to go to Him and beg for mercy.
Don’t delay, because it will soon be too late!

Repent because the Kingdom of Heaven is near!

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