Calling to the Lord

Joel 1:20
Even the beasts of the field pant (or cry) for You;
For the water brooks are dried up
And fire has devoured the pastures of the wilderness.

We’ve heard of the locust plague a few times.
But the need is even greater.
There is also a great drought in the country.
Nothing’s right.

What was stored in the barns has withered.
In addition, the cattle sigh under the drought.
Water and grass are missing.
The beasts cry to God.

Wonderful thought.
When we see cows, pigs, seals or chickens suffer, we should not think or say too quickly: they are only beasts that have no soul for eternity.

They are creatures of God.
They sigh, and they suffer under the sins of men.
All things considered, we see the consequences of our own sins in those suffering animals.
At least, if we wear the glasses of the Word.

In addition, those beasts still lead us in crying to God.

The intention is that we pay attention to it, and that we ourselves will cry to the Lord in our need. We, who do have a soul for eternity.

Come on, let’s join Joël:
To You, O Lord! I call.

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