Luke 24:21 NASB
But we were hoping that it was He
who was going to redeem Israel.

“We hoped He was the One Who would save Israel”. These words come from a disappointed heart. There had been hope, but their hope was wrong, and this hope was now gone.

Their hope was not fulfilled.
Something else had happened than they had expected a and hoped for.

We may also know disappointment in our lives, especially in view of our redemption that we expected from the Christ.

  • We may have hoped that after bowing to the Christ our way would be a way of joy, but it became a way of sorrow.
  • We may have hoped that after our surrender to Christ, sin would be gone from our lives forever, but we had to find that we still stumble daily. And that we are still fighting against it.

Like those two men we may have hoped… And like these two men we may have had a wrong hope! And like them we may have harvested disappointment.

▪︎ Is the hope you have really based on the Bible?
▪︎ Is the hope you have really based on the promises of God?
▪︎ Or is your hope based on your own expectations, or on what someone told you, maybe on lies?
When you have based your hope on something else than God’s word, you better prepare for disappointment.

Jesus was and is the savior, but not only of Israel, and not from the Romans as they expected.
In a similar way people today can also expect things which are not promised because they are not reading what is written in the Bible. Or because they are believing people who are preaching to them, but who don’t understand the Bible themselves.

Luke 6:39 NASB
“A blind man cannot guide a blind man, can he?
Will they not both fall into a pit?
(See also Matthew 15:14)

They hoped, but was this hope a good hope?
It was certainly not a hope based on the proper explanation of what is written.

  • Things looked much different to these men, after Jesus, on their way to Emmaus, had explained the scriptures to them. Now they did not only know, but now they understood what was written about Him.
    • And in a similar way things would look much different for many people today, if they would read their Bible, or listen to the true explanation of the scriptures.
  • If these men would have read and understood the scriptures, they would have noticed that everything had gone according to what was written, and that the Christ had revealed Himself to be exactly the One who had been promised by God.
    • And if people today would read and understand the scriptures, they would notice that in many cases they are not told the truth in churches. This happens because they don’t want to hear the truth! For when someone passes by who does tell them the truth, he probably will be cast out of the church, and not be allowed to ever return.

Do you really have your hope in the Christ?
Or are you hoping on (material) things, because some person on the platform told you?
Listen! When your hope is not on the Rock of ages, your disappointment is just around the corner, waiting for you!


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