Luke 2:14
Glory to God in the highest,
And peace on earth
among men with whom He is pleased.”

If this song had been man-made, it probably would have started with “peace on earth”. Because in peace every person is very interested.

And the honor of God? It may not even appear in the song at all, or maybe, completely at the end. Yes, that’s how people are these days. Just be honest with yourself, when was the last time you glorified God, or gave God credit for something you received or happened to you?

On formal occasions, we may sometimes say: “Soli Deo Gloria” … (Glory be to God only). But when it really comes down to it, what do we do about it?

Unfortunately, it is often the case that if God wants to receive honor, He must take care of it Himself, because we humans fall far short of this.
That’s exactly what He has done.
He sends His Son. And His Son says at the end of His life: Father, I have glorified You!
When God comes to His honor, peace comes.

What about all those arguments between neighbors?
Those disagreement between family members?
Do you know how that can be changed?
That changes when we respond to God’s peace offer!
He sends His Son!
And we? We are going to kneel before such a loving God!
Does this also apply to you and me? Absolutely!
For God is well pleased with you too!
That is why we also sing: “Blessed is he who asks for peace, Jesus gives it, hear His voice!”


Twitter: @SchoemakerHarry
Twitter: Twitter: @SchoemakerHarry

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