The herald

Luke 1:77
To give His people the knowledge of salvation,
in the forgiveness of their sins.

The old priest (Zechariah), after loosening his tongue, sang of the salvation that the Lord would bring to pass.

When Zechariah sings, he indicates that John will tell his people how they can be saved and how they can be forgiven for disobeying God.

John will call people to repentance in referring to the Christ Who will come after him. It is not he who is important, but the Messiah, the Christ, for whom John the Baptist went out as a herald announcing the coming of the great King.

John started by teaching the people of God’s salvation. Jesus who came after him would clarify that further, and work out that salvation and redemption for us.

We do not know anything from ourselves.
We are people who have become ignorant through the darkness that is within us.
When man fell into sin, he died spiritually, and there was nothing but spiritual darkness.
We travel spiritually through a dark night, to eternity, without even realizing what that eternity will be for us. And from ourselves, we certainly do not have any knowledge of our own salvation.

When we become aware of the darkness we live in, we have no idea where the light will ever come from, unless God, through His grace, brings someone on your path who can make it clear to you.

The Lord does this through ministry of the Spirit and the Word.
He points out in that word, and through the preachers of that word, in whom salvation alone is found.

That is only through Jesus, who gave His life for you and for me.
He is the only One through whom you can come to the Father. All other roads lead you back to darkness. Only Jesus is the Savior, only He saves His people, and only He sets them free from their sins.

The herald may not point to himself, but he will always point away from himself, and to the king. And so John only referred to Jesus, and so today, every real servant of Jesus too, will only refer to Jesus.
As soon as the name of the herald counts (think of the false teachers and preachers), it is at the expense of the Name of the King. After all, a Herald parses its meaning only from the King who comes after him, and Whose coming he announces.


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