In a dream I walked somewhere on a hill, on a sandy path, in the middle of beautiful nature.
There were beautiful trees and fields that bloomed beautifully.
In the midst of those flourishing fields lay a village with white houses.
All in all it was a relief to the eye.
It all looked so very peaceful.

While I was walking on that dirt track, there was suddenly a major earthquake, and the ground split. Over a distance of miles a wide and deep canyon appeared in a few moments. And almost half of the village disappeared into the depth.

The next moment I was in the village.
There I fell from one surprise to the other. The people there were just busy with their daily things.

They were worried about many futilities and trivialities and seemed completely unaware that just half of the village had disappeared into the abyss that had been created moments earlier.
One woman was swearing at a saleswoman because she should have received too little change back.
A little further, men stood around a car that apparently one of them had just bought.
A little further again, women were busy discussing the latest fashion, which they had seen on television the night before.

But nobody was talking about the disaster that had struck their village moments earlier. And nobody raised a finger to help those who survived. In fact, it seemed like they didn’t even see those people. And the people seemed not to miss those who disappeared into the depth.

A moment later I was standing in front of a strange looking building. The architecture looked like a mixture of all kinds of churches and mosques. For example, it had a dome like a mosque, a steeple like a Protestant church, statues at the entrance like a Catholic church, and many other types of characteristics of other religions.

The building stood on the edge of the abyss and I saw that the ground underneath a part of the building had already been swept away. I understood that it would not be long before this building too would disappear into the abyss. As I watched it, I heard a mixture of sounds and voices coming from the building. So there were still people inside who needed to come out very quickly if they wanted to save their lives.

I decided to go inside to warn them. There I fell again in astonishment. It turned out that all sorts of religions held their meetings within this building. All in a separate corner in the same room.

For example, a man lay stretched out on his stomach with arms spread wide praying for a statue. He wanted protection for his family.
A little further on, a woman was kneeling in front of another statue. She prayed for protection for a journey she had to make.
In the front of the ‘church’ a woman sat kneeling in front of a statue of Mary and she asked the statue if she wanted to use her influence to force Jesus to give her what she wanted.

All this while an orchestra of the Salvation Army sat in a side aisle playing their melodies.

On the other side of the building under a large picture of a flying dove, members of a Pentecostal church were dancing. They worshiped the Holy Spirit. As they raised their hands to the image of the dove, they blamed the Catholics who were kneeling and worshipped before the images. But didn’t they unconsciously do exactly the same?

There was also a group of Muslims kneeling in the middle and various other groups were busy with their religious expressions along the walls.

It was clear that the outside of the building reflected what was going on inside.
It was a mixture of all sorts of religions, but apparently the liberating gospel had never sounded there, or it had been transformed after human ideas.

When I recovered from my surprise, I realized why I had entered. I started addressing all of them, calling them to stop what they were doing, and to leave the building as quickly as possible. Because it would not be long before this building too would disappear into the deep canyon.

Again I was surprised, because the people did not get up to leave the building as soon as they could, but they turned against me. I disrupted their religious activities and I had no right to do that, they said. Once again I emphasized to them that their lives were in danger. But I was not believed, and when I told them that half the village had disappeared into the depths, I was laughed at.

In order not to be in danger myself, I had to stop trying to convince them, and leave the building, and while I walked back to the sandy path with an intense sorrowful feeling, I heard the building collapse behind me and disappear into the depths. When I looked back, I saw nothing more than a cloud of dust where the building once stood.

Grief overwhelmed me and I couldn’t help, but had to sit down and cry.
How much I wanted to save the lives of all those people, but they wouldn’t listen.

Then I woke up and realized that the world is exactly the same.
I’ve been warning for years, but people don’t want to listen.
Sometimes it seems like I am calling on people to repent, in a place where nobody can hear me.
Yet that great day of the Lord will come someday, and it will be eternally too late for everyone who does not follow the Christ.

Please make sure you are ready to meet your creator!

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