11 – Unwanted and rejected

The car crash

In this period of time I was working in Amsterdam and was I used to drive every day from Rotterdam to Amsterdam.

One morning it was very misty, and I was wondering why people kept driving so fast. After a while the inescapable and inevitable happened. And this purely because people kept driving like crazy.

Because of the thick fog I could hardly see the rear lights of the car in front of me.

Then I heard someone say move to the fast lane (the left lane), and brake, and as I did the car in front of me hit the brakes hard. I did the same and stopped besides him.

If I would not have reacted immediately on that voice I would not have lived anymore.

This time the voice was not an audible voice like before with the train crash, and it also spoke with less authority; more like advising me to move a lane and stop.

I also could not have stopped in time to prevent a collision. Perhaps the collision would not have killed me, but what happened seconds later would for sure.

In fact the whole scene around me looked like a scene from the movie “Final Destination”. No one around me survived.

▪︎ After I came to a full stop I saw the people in front of me gave no sign of life.

▪︎ Besides them was a car in fire with still people inside.

▪︎ Behind that car was the car that was driving in front of me. The driver and the lady (his wife?) signaled with their hands that they were lucky to have stopped in time. But while they were still signaling this to me they were flattened by a big truck that hit them hard. And landed on top of them. If I was still behind them, I would be flattened as well.

▪︎ I myself was now only seconds away from being hit by an other car. That car hit me hard. So hard that the whole rear end of my car was gone, and the grill of that car was pushing against my seat. The man driving that car also did not survive the crash.

In this spot of the crash, which involved many more cars, and took many lives, I was the only one who survived, and that only because I received a warning to change lanes.

This was the fourth time my life was saved. It gave me the strong conviction that there was someone who didn’t want me to live, but there also was someone who protected me, and kept me safe.

The next day I went to hospital for a checkup, as my back kept hurting. They found nothing bad, but I had to stay a few weeks flat in bed to give my spinal cord a chance to reset itself.

I had no further problems afterwards.

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