A Secret to Your Next Miracle?

I recently read somewhere “When you create the right atmosphere, it will be responsible for your next miracle”.

Is this true?
● Do you have to create a certain atmosphere to be able to receive a miracle?
○ Tell me where in the Bible do you find someone who created a certain atmosphere around him or her before asking anything from Jesus?
▪︎ The answer can be short. Nowhere!

○ Or where in the Bible do you read that Jesus denied a request because the person did not first build the right atmosphere around him or her?
▪︎ This answer can be as short as the first one. Also Nowhere!

Where does this idea come from? Well if it doesn’t come from the Bible it must have an other source.

If you listen attentively to certain preachers, you will recognize that they use this “tactic” to make people believe that something happened.
Often these preachers are found in churches that belong to the “Word of Faith Movement”.
Benny Hinn openly declared that a certain atmosphere is necessary for things to happen in his meetings.

In a similar way they work up emotions to make people to accept Jesus.
I explained already that this in itself is already not correct, but now I want to focus on the emotion.
This emotional step, causes that so many start doubting, or fall away from the faith. When the emotion is gone, when the feeling is gone, so is their assurance of salvation. They in fact never took a real decision, with their full mind, to follow the Christ.

Fake preachers produce fake or false miracles, and fake or false converts.

Let us look further,
● Is the atmosphere you create around yourself responsible for a miracle you may or may not receive?
○ No, it is not! In the Bible we can read that miracles happened because of the will of God, based on the faith of the believers. No more and no less than that.
It has nothing to do with an atmosphere you created. In the first place it only has to do with the grace of God, and secondly with your believing that He is able, and willing.

● And “next” miracle?
○ This gave me a strange taste. As if they are collecting miracles?
Are they feeling better Christians because of the received grace? Or do they maybe receive a higher, or better, position in church when they received more miracles?

The same article said that “The secret to your next miracle is continual thanksgiving”.

Is this true?
May I ask you a question?
● Do you really believe that there is a secret connected to receiving a miracle?
○ What secret did the people in the days of Jesus find? Were they continually giving thanks? Or was their cry for help, more like a scream in agony?
▪︎ The only thing they had, was that they believed, that Jesus could heal them, if He wanted.

● And, is it true that continual thanksgiving has influence on receiving or not receiving a miracle?
○ No, this too is not true!
The receiving of a miracle is only, and completely depending on the grace of God, and your faith.

1 Thessalonians 5:18
In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Ofcourse it is good to thank and praise the Lord irrespectively of the circumstances you are in, but this is not a kind of downpayment on a miracle you may need.

▪︎ Be careful in where you listen to, and what you read! You need to recognize the spirit behind the message. Is it really based on the Bible or does it have a different source?

▪︎ Be careful. Sometimes you will see or hear a nice sounding message. It seems to be correct, but hiding in it are some untrue statements, which makes the message a half truth. And a half truth is a full lie.

Further the article went on to say that “If you have a lifestyle of always thanking and praising God, there will be no end to miracles and goodness in your life”.

● Again, is this really the teaching that comes to us from God’s word?
○ I already told you that honoring and praising God is not a kind of downpayment for a miracle you may need.

And also they claim that “continual thanksgiving to God will rid your heart from all pain, bitterness, and sickness and will prepare you for joy, peace, success, and greatness”.

● Is this the full truth?
○ Or is this kind of praising God based on selfishness, and not based on true love towards God?
In this case you are giving thanks, not because you are grateful for what He did for you, but to get something from Him.
Don’t fool yourself, God cannot be bribed.

In the Bible we see a different, and better reason to praise God.

Give thanks unto the Lord; for (because) he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever.” Psalm 118:1 (KJV)

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