We need to repent !

We all need
• a change of mind,
• a change of heart,
• a change in our devotion
• to return, back to the Bible.
• yes even, to return, back to God !

The message of salvation and redemption, must again become more important than the messages of the word of faith movement (prosperity churches; health and wealth gospel)

So many have completely lost track, and are now far away from the narrow way. And while they feel good in their meetings, they don’t realize, that they are on the broad way, which leads them straight to hell.

Please wake up, before it is too late..!

○ Take me back to those days, when sex out of wedlock was seen as a taboo, and not like today when sex, even at the first date, is seen as an appreciation gift.

○ Can I please get back those days when pregnancy outside marriage, was a shame to the whole family, and not like today, when it is seen like just an other way of life?

○ Is there still anybody who knows the road back to those days? When descent dressing was still the identity of responsibility, and not like today, when there is hardly any difference between how a lunatic, and a sane man dresses.

○ Where are the days, when the beauty of a woman was first found in proper dressing? These days the average woman, seems to want to appear naked, or almost naked.

○ Please can we return to those days, when divorce was a derogatory act among Christians, and not like today when broken marriages are almost celebrated.

○ How I wish I could bring back those days when true love was build on sacrifice and trust, and not like now, when love is depending on sexual capability and money.

○ Where are those days gone when men of God were afraid of God, and lived by the word, and not like now when they teach in their meetings a different thing, which they dare to call “gospel”, and don’t follow the guidelines from God’s word anymore, but have adopted a different life style of their own choice.

○ Please bring back those days, when the main focus was on God and Jesus, and when subjects like repentance, resurrection, and rapture were common in the sermons, when brothers and sisters were eagerly waiting for Christ’s return, and not like today when greed and materialism is the main focus.

○ Did we really forget the days, that when a member of a church fell into temptation, the church would cry and pray for his or her restoration, and not like today when a member will commit sin, the church will not only ignore it, but also still give such a person a position in the Church, as long as he or she has money.

○ Where are those days, when Men would pray until they got results, and not like today, when all they want is to prophecy, or hear prophecies.
• Even when the said prophecy has no solution.
• Even when the said prophecy has no mandate to redeem.
• And even when the said prophecy was spoken by a false prophet.

○ I am looking back to the days, when brothers and sisters would give up all for the Christ, and not like in these days, when man’s way of life, is far more important, than God’s way, and going to heaven is according to them just a dream for the lost simple souls.

○ I remember the days when parents wanted their children to marry born again Christians, and not like today, when parents want their daughter to marry money bags even if they are ritualists.

○ I weep, and pray that the owner of the church will not come and meet his church in a condition like this, because many saints who have gone, will be so disappointed, and the church itself, may stay behind, and not make the rapture.

○ I expect that the King of kings will deal harshly with those so called church leaders who turned His bride into a prostitute, for that is one who sells love for money in fact is.
We have received His love for free, and should give it for free to everyone who is willing to receive, but so many churches are selling His love, making themselves richer day by day.

▪︎  Please help your church.
▪︎  Please open their ears so they will hear your call
▪︎  Please open their eyes so they will see in what state they are.
Revelation 3:17 – You say, “I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing,” and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.
▪︎  Please help us all…

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