A story – The tree

I saw years ago a lone tree on a hill.
No other vegetation than just that one tree. My thoughts went to the autumn and winter storms it must have endured on that lonely hill, and yet it was still standing there, proud and tall.

Now the situation was so much different.
The tree was still standing although the storms had broken some of its branches.
But it was no longer on its own. Now there were numerous small trees around it.
The tree had over the many years dropped its seeds, and so a small wood from similar trees in different sizes were standing around it.

Are you going to be like that tree?
▪︎ Maybe you are now on your own.
▪︎ Maybe you you will have to endure hardships.
▪︎ Maybe you think the little you do doesn’t make a difference.
▪︎ Maybe you think little of the few seeds you sow.

I want to encourage you to keep shining out the light that is in you.

Just think of this.
Even the most well known preachers, who brought thousands to the Lord, started from a seed that God put in them by some (often unknown) man or woman.

That man or woman may during their life, have brought only one man to the Lord.
But how valuable that one seed was in God’s eyes.

Maybe, just maybe, you have only one seed like that. You don’t want that it to miss its purpose. Do you?

Keep going, keep following, especially when all looks so very disappointing.

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