The Spirit (2/3)

Romans 8:5-18
⁹However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. But IF ANYONE DOES NOT HAVE THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST, HE DOES NOT BELONG TO HIM.

God showed His ABHORRENCE OF SIN, when Jesus took our place, and God treated His own Son as if he was a sinner, like God is treating us now as if we are righteous, being justified by the sufferings of His Son.

It is ONLY BY HIS SACRIFICE that the believer might be pardoned and justified.
In this way God could in the same time give grace, and punish sin, and thus satisfaction was made to DIVINE JUSTICE, and the way of salvation opened for the sinner.

¹⁰If Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet THE SPIRIT IS ALIVE because of RIGHTEOUSNES.

The law of love is written upon our heart by the Spirit, and though righteousness is NOT FULFILLED BY US, God declared us legally righteous. It is FULFILLED IN US, by the sacrifice of Jesus, our Lord. It is only by Him, and trough Him that all true believers can answer to the intentions of the law.

If the Spirit is in you, Christ is in you.
He dwells in your heart by faith. Grace in your soul is the new nature seen in you, because from the moment He entered, the soul is alive in, to, and by God. The moment the Christ came into you, the holy happiness has begun, and shall endure for ever.

Regeneration by the Holy Spirit brings a new and divine life to the soul, though in a feeble state.

I really hope that this will not only be knowledge to you, but that it will be experienced by you as well. For in Christ we have life, eternal life, but without Him a sure destruction is waiting for you.
Whatever you may do today, make sure you are washed by the blood of Jesus!

To be continued

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