I’m glad that I have a calling to preach… Do you think I have that calling?

This is a line that I recently often read in my mail. Especially from very young boys. Well if it is really true, than I would be glad with them, for workers in the vineyard are most welcome.

But sadly enough, too often, when I asked further, they wanted to preach, but had no idea of what their message would be. 
And also were they only interested in preaching during the Sunday morning meeting, and only in their own church.

If this is you, than maybe this is a good time to ask yourself:
Maybe I just like the job without knowing what it really is?
Maybe I just like to stand on the platform?
Maybe I just like to be in the Center of attention?
It can be all of these things, but when it is really your calling, you will also do it, when all of these things are not involved.

I’ve also seen people saying that they had a calling, but they did it for a little while, and than they lost interest, and stopped.

Now, if it is really your calling you will keep doing it, until the Lord tells you to stop, or you keep doing it till you die.

And if you wonder if you have a calling this example may help:

A pastor is pushed out of a church because the church board didn’t like his sermons. He preached too often about repentance and gave the church an uneasy feeling with it they said. 
They wanted him to sugarcoat his sermons a bit, they wanted to hear
more about blessings, 
more about material blessings, 
more about blessings of the body, 
but he refused and said he will only preach the word that God gave him. 
So he was cast out of the church. 
Once outside he starts something to still reach people with the Gospel in a different way.

The pastor replacing him fell in taste with the church board and is now preaching once a month and leaves the other weekends to guest speakers, and also leaves many other tasks to the elders.
To fill his time, and to earn some more money, he took a job outside the church activities.

Now tell me which of the two had a calling?
You see a real calling can be recognized!
So you can recognize your calling, as well as others can.

So if what you feel, really is a calling, it will become clear to you and those around you. Because nothing will be able to stop you to share the Gospel. 
Not a gospel what people like to hear, nor what a church board likes you to preach, but the Gospel as found in the Bible.

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