The Bible (9)


What are the books of the New Testament about?

Four persons have written about the life of Jesus on earth.
These are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Their books are called “gospels.” (The word “gospel” comes from the Greek word “evangelion.” What means ‘good news’.) They tell the good news how people can be FORGIVEN for what they have done wrong to God. And also how they even can become CHILDREN OF GOD through forgiveness.

The four “evangelists” all had a SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT PURPOSE in writing their report.
As a result, they sometimes described the same events slightly different. One writer places more EMPHASIS on what Jesus did, while another put the EMPHASIS on what Jesus said
One also sometimes tells a story that has been omitted by another.

Consider it as four cameras that record the SAME EVENT. They all register the same, but all from a DIFFERENT ANGLE.
Where one camera registers the approaching racer, the other has an image of the racer driving fast away and the third cannot give an image at that moment because the racer has just passed, or has not yet arrived to where he is standing and the fourth who is recording the event on a motorcycle can even deliver close-up images.
The viewer gets different images which in fact help him to GET A BETTER UNDERSTANDING of what happened.

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