Chain letters

This is an urgent call on each of you.

Still I often see on Facebook, or receive on messenger, different kinds of chain letters.

Usually they will contain some kind of blessing which I will receive within a certain amount of time when I forward it to a number of friends.
Often there also is a curse for not forwarding the message.


Do you realize that you are letting yourself in with a kind of witchcraft when you react on them?

Do you believe that Jesus Who died for you on Calvary’s cross and by doing so paid your price for sin?
And that your Father Who gave even His Son for you, with Him also not also will give you every good thing you need?

Your blessings are NOT DEPENDING on forwarding chain letters, but on your relationship with God.

And curses are NOT DEPENDING on not forwarding chain letters, but on doing things against God’s will; on not accepting His redemption; on not accepting Jesus.
Live like there is no God; Refuse Jesus and you are preparing yourself for hellfire.

So stop forwarding these kind of messages which usually only are feeding greed. You know that God hates greed, but you want to have that money, that house, that car or boat, or even health.

Remember Jesus did not die to just give you a nice car that today is nice but in a few years is no more than a rusty piece of junk.

No Jesus wants to give you much more: Eternal life.

So stop with these kinds of witchcraft and completely surrender your life to Jesus.

And when you receive such kind of a chain letter you may copy this message and send this to them to warn them for the dangerous “game” they are playing.

Harry Schoemaker.

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