By condemning another, you cannot justify your own bad behavior. That applies to everyone, whoever you are. Because if you think that someone else must be severely punished for something, you also condemn yourself. Because you do the same things as they do!

But we know that God will honestly judge all people who do such things.
Do you think that you will be able to escape from it?

You condemn what other people do.
But in the meantime you do the same things as they do!

▪︎ Do you think that God’s love, kindness, and patience are so great that He will condone your badness?
▪︎ Do you do not understand that God’s love wants to change your life. That He wants you to live just the way He wants it to be. So don’t continue doing bad things.

But if you remain stubborn and disobedient, and do not intend to change your life, your guilt will increase. One day God will justly judge all people. All includes you! He will also judge you!

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