Where are you going?

Where are you going when you die?

▪︎ When in the end you stand before God’s judgment throne, what will the verdict be?
▪︎ Will you be free from your sins because you accepted God’s gift to you, the Christ, and you followed Him?
▪︎ Or will you stand guilty before God’s judgment throne? And will He send you to hell?

You cannot say “I didn’t know” for I told you over and over again!
Yes, you say, but I don’t believe you, for I believe in a loving God Who will send nobody to hell.

You are right, God is a loving God!
He loved you enough to provided a way for you, to come into His Kingdom.
But when you neglect His offer, when you neglect His Son you are sending yourself to hell by not accepting the offering Jesus brought for you, to pay for your sins and wiping out your debt; by completely ignoring the Son of the living God.

It sounds hard, but it is a fact. If you do not belong to the Christ, if your name is not found to be written in the book of life, you are going to end up in hell!

▪︎ There, in that terrible burning place you will remember how you threw away your chances to obtain eternal life by making a fool of the preacher who showed you the way.
▪︎ There you will remember how you threw away your chances to obtain eternal life by blocking or leaving the preacher on the Internet, who warned you for your extremely dangerous way of living.
▪︎ There you will also realize that it is now too late to bring any change in the miserable situation you are now in forever.

Therefore I urge you to surrender to Jesus while you still can.
You don’t know if you will still live tomorrow.
Now you may be healthy and well, but in even a few minutes you may blow out your last breath. And after that it is too late to make any change to your eternal destination.

Only Jesus can save you.
There is no other name by which we can be saved, so don’t delay any longer to repent and confess your sins to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you and lead you further on the narrow way to His Kingdom!

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