Preach the Gospel (1 of 4)

Mark 13:10
The gospel must first be preached to all the nations.


Lately we have been more concerned with the Second Coming of the Christ than we have been before. We should be happy about this, for when we lose sight of the future of the kingdom of God, we wither in faith and in hope and in love.

After all, we should be concerned with that future, in which all tears will be wiped from our eyes, and where there is no more sin, and no need, and no death, where eternal rest, and peace is found with the Lord God, and His Christ.

And God’s congregation will be able to live out of expectation in the middle of this world where the devil still has so much power, where so much evil is still being committed and where there is still so much trouble and sorrow.

Therefore, the Gospel must first be preached to all nations.

That is the commission that the Lord has given to His church.
The good news of God’s grace in Christ to poor sinners must be proclaimed in order that people may believe.


▪︎ Have you already heard and believed that message with your heart?

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