Cleansing of the temple (4 of 5)

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Mark 11:15 AV
Then they came to Jerusalem.
And He entered the temple
and began to drive out those
who were buying and selling in the temple,
and overturned the tables of the money changers
and the seats of those who were selling doves


If we were to follow the course of the Christian Year, we would not be ready for the time of suffering, but in our studies and reflections on the basis of the Gospel of Mark we have already arrived in Jerusalem.

First of all, we see now the cleansing of the temple.
Much had been brought into the temple that did not belong there.
Holiness was hard to find; prayers were hindered by a lively commerce.
What Jesus is doing is shocking to those involved.
For the chief priests and scribes this became all the more a reason to get rid of Jesus.

Jesus is considered a danger by them.
Later comes the question … “Then what harm has He done?” – to which no answer follows.

There was no answer, not even on the incident of the temple cleansing …

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