Make room for worship

Mark 11:17 AV
And he taught, saying unto them, ‭
Is it not written,
My house shall be called of all nations
the house of prayer?
but ye have made it a den of thieves.‭


It is going toward the feast of Pesach and the Lord Jesus sees the activity in the temple.
In a few days they will commemorate the miraculous deliverance from Egypt.
The lambs will be slaughtered, and the feast will be celebrated. But it is all so external. The form is observed but the heart is not there.
This is also evident in the trade that is conducted in the temple square.

It is precisely in the court of the Gentiles, where the strangers come, that Israel should actually bear witness to the great deeds of the Lord, and to the expectation of God’s kingdom, and of the Messiah, the Servant of the Lord who through His sufferings will free the people of all sin and guilt.

But where is the worship?
All sorts of things are traded, and the priests earn well from that trade, especially from the exchange of money. Because the pagan money could not be used for the temple tax. And Jewish money is scarce.

The Lord Jesus has driven out all those merchants, so that it became quiet.

Do you know that when you have accepted God’s invitation to the wedding feast, your body is also a temple of God, where the Holy Spirit dwells?
But what is found there every day?
Is there worship? Or are it all kinds of worldly matters that predominate?

Have all those worldly things already been driven out from your heart?
Is it quiet in your heart again?
And is there now room for worship and praise again?

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