Seeing and following (3 of 3)

Mark 10:52 AV
And Jesus said unto him, ‭
Go thy way;
thy faith hath made thee whole.‭
And immediately he received his sight,
and followed Jesus in the way.


The blind man is healed. He can see again.
If this had been all we knew about this man, he would still have been lost.
Even though he had healthy eyes, he would still have had a corrupt heart.
He could have looked at the world again, and see all the vanity of this world, but that was all. In the end he would have been lost.
But not so now.

What this man was looking at, was the Lord Jesus.
He followed Him on the way.

If you want to follow someone on the road, you have to keep your attention on him constantly, otherwise you will lose him.
He used his good eyes to look at Jesus. And he wanted that because he wanted to stay with Him.

If you can’t miss a man or a woman, but want to stay with him or her, you have to follow. So does this blind man who could now see. He wanted to stay close to the Lord.

In amazement at his healing, and because of the goodness of the Lord.
He wanted to stay with the Lord because he could not miss Him.

Can you also not miss Him anymore?
People think from within themselves that they do not need Him, but through grace we indeed cannot miss Him.

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