A cry of distress (2 of 3)

Mark 5:23
And besought him greatly, saying,
My little daughter lieth at the point of death:
‭I pray thee‭, come and lay thy hands on her,
that she may be healed; and she shall live.‭

Distress can affect anyone.
It enters the houses as an uninvited guest
▪︎ of both poor and rich
▪︎ of both believers and unbelievers
▪︎ and at people of all races.

Here we see how a prominent man in the society of those days is affected by it, but also how he reacts to it. He is Jairus, one of the rulers of the synagogue.

They have one daughter, a child of almost twelve years old, and they love her very much. But … at the moment she is deadly ill. She’s dying.

Nothing has worked and no one can give any hope.
Today we would say, “The doctors gave her up, and she is now at home to die.” Do you feel the pain and intense grief that her parents are now immersed in?

Although it is difficult for him to break free from the sickbed, and to leave his daughter alone, who can breathe her last breath within a few minutes, this father nevertheless runs, in that greatest need, to the only One Who, according to his feeling and faith, can still give a solution, namely Jesus of Nazareth.
He throws himself at His feet and begs Him to come quickly.

Because “My daughter is in her utmost”.

This praying father, this love for his daughter, is shameful for many.
Yes, of course in such cases we literally do anything to see our child healed, but unfortunately, so often the most obvious is neglected.

Doctors, hospital, specialists, everyone is called in, and we are so busy arranging all this, that we forget to do what Jairus did. And that’s going to Jesus with our sorrow, with our need, and praying to Him for healing, restoration, and outcome.
Let us never forget that. In such cases go with supplications to the throne of grace, to Him Who can and is able to do all things, and Who has already performed so many miracles upon prayer.

Nothing is impossible for the one who believes!

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